Friday, July 29, 2011

Reviews of Compro IP70 Network Camera

Surveillance cameras are more and more moving away from the analog to the digital domain. 
Advances in picture and video processing silicon, emergence of efficient video compression standards and abundance of cheap storage space have all contributed to bringing surveillance cameras to the consumer mainstream. 


As related homes become more ubiquitous, surveillance cameras are attention to become network enabled. 

These IP cameras are used to trace surveillance videos while also finding application for casual home monitoring, baby monitors etc. Their network nature enables users to keep path of the video over the Internet.

We have already reviewed a link of IP cameras at Nanotech. The Drop cam Echo came across as very customer friendly, while the Compro IP540 with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature was more specialized and catered towards businesses.

We have entry level offering, the Compro IP70, in our labs now. 

While the hardware itself has been approximately for quite some instance firmware updates were provided recently to bring support for Seedonk.

Seedonk is a basic webcam / IP camera service supposed to make the strategy more consumers friendly. 

We will start off with the package contents, cover the setup imitation and talk in detail about the Seedonk service and the ComproView software. 

A separate part will be devoted to the video and image quality.

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